Michigan Shepherding


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Fleece crimp samples from several breeds, left to right: Alpaca, Merino, Romeldale, Teeswater and Karakul. I’ve tried to tease a few fibers out from each sample so you can see the relative fiber diameter. Notice the finer crinkled fibers in the undercoat of the Karakul versus the longer coarser medullated fibers in the outer coat. Photo: Letty Klein. More crimp samples, left to right: Alpaca, fine-fleeced, Shetland with a purled-type of fleece, finally a coarse double-coated Karakul fleece, followed by the 2-coats separated; notice that in this Karakul the under-coat is very coarse with dark, kemp-like fibers. Photo: Letty Klein. This is a good example of a “purled” crimp from a natural colored Bluefaced Leicester, it resembles the memory in a yarn after it has been unknitted. Photo: Shellie Ross.