Sheep Show Results


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Hockaday’s Natural Colored Sheep of Montague, California won the Black Sheep Cup award for the best young flock of the show with their natural colored medium wool sheep. Photo: Megan Belding. Terri Salisbury of Salisbury’s Sheep, Lebanon, Oregon won the Glen Eidman Award for best sheep of the show with her Corriedale Ewe. Photo: Megan Belding. Bill DuBray shows his Champion Natural Colored Lincoln ewe. Photo: Megan Belding. Intrepid Otter Farm, the Olson Family of Rochester, Washington won the Champion NCWGA Primitive Young Flock Award. Photo: Megan Belding.
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Volunteer Shirley DeMaris hands out ribbons. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Ellie Robinson preparing for the Junior Show. Photo: Megan Belding.