Spinnerís Lead photos


Laurel Stone of Apple Creek Merinos (left) and Tracy Livernois of McTavish Shetlands receive top Spinnerís Lead honors for their garments. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. A portion of the Spinnerís Lead audience. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Spinnerís Lead participant models her shawl while leading a Jacob sheep. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Spinnerís Lead participant Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs models her scarf while leading her champion Jacob ram wearing his own scarf. Photo: Peggy Lundquist.
Trish Anderson, emcee, tells the audience about the shawl that Beki Reis-Montgomery is modeling. It is from the Just Desserts team and it was the winning shawl from the Sheep-to-Shawl competition. It was woven using fiber from Rolly and Wayne Thompsonís flock and was given to Rolly as a gift in memory of Wayne at the celebration of his life event. Photo: Peggy Lundquist.