Michigan Shepherding


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This beautiful Romney fleece was shown at the All American Junior Sheep Show a few years ago. Nice, even staples and organized crimp with minimal crossing fibers, don’t see many Romney fleeces of this quality any more. Photo: Shelly Ross. This Merino fleece has bundles of wool fibers that lack crossing fibers. The well-defined crimp goes right to the beautiful soft tips without any waste or tippiness. Lock structure is blocky but loose enough to allow the wool to dry out when rained on. Photo: Andy McMurry. Cashmere lacks fiber organization, no organized crimp, no character. Each fiber is doing its own thing. Photo: Letty Klein. This Shetland fleece shows good character in its lock formation and crimp, maybe a little too much skin showing. Photo: Garrett Ramsey.
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In comparison, this Shetland fleece lacks character with little organized crimp and less lock uniformity. Photo: Garrett Ramsey. A single fiber wouldn’t dare leave the lock in this purled, black Bluefaced Leicester fleece, talk about character! Photo: Shelly Ross.