2023 BSG Spinners’ Lead Photos


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Judges: Jerri Hansen, Lin Schwider, Chris Flitcroft-Thomas and Jan McMahon. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Here’s Marita Tauni, the Swedish Valais Blacknose judge, wearing her felted Valais headdress leading a Valais sheep. She’s explaining to emcee, Trish Andersen that the entire outfit includes sleeves, leggings and a tail, but as she’s traveling internationally she was unable to bring it all along. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Here, Trish is sharing these participants’ story with the audience. In 2022 they met a BSG vendor who displayed a Calico Yarn/shawl designed by Dawn Barker. These spinners decided to do individual designs for the same shawl pattern and enter them as a group project. Each artist used unique fiber, dyes and spinning techniques. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. Lisa Mitchell (left) explains to Trish that her shawl is made from Guanaco fiber from her herd, and Merino wool. Photo: Peggy Lundquist.
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Ryan Hodge holds a borrowed Jacob sheep; he’s wearing his wool sweater designed to match characteristics of the black patches on the sheep as homage to this primitive breed. Photo: Laura Todd. Robin Lynde leads her Jacob (Lenore) while modeling her wool shawl. She chose to sort the fleece by color and planned her project to start weaving at the black end, finishing at the white end where her white skein included some of the gray color of the “lilac” ram who provided the wool. Photo: Leslie Martin. Janet Heppler’s woven blanket is made of colored Merino wool with a small amount of Angora rabbit fiber. Photo: Leslie Martin. Alice Mattson models her shawl while her Romeldale, Ace, models his shawl. Photo: Leslie Martin.
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Trish reads Lucelle Hoefnagels’ story about her hand-dyed butterfly shawl. Photo: Peggy Lundquist. The top awards for fiber artists with the most points for their creations, one for sheep owner, one for borrowing a sheep, were won by Robin Lynde, showing her own sheep and Ryan Hodge borrowing a sheep. Photo: Peggy Lundquist.