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Colored Sheep and Wool:
Exploring Their Beauty and Function

Edited by Kent Erskine

This book is compiled of papers presented at the World Congress on Coloured Sheep conference held in Eugene, Oregon, 1989. It is the best from breeders of colored sheep and users of colored wool from around the world. There are sixty-three articles with 328 pages. This includes thirty-two color and fifty black and white photographs as well as 160 charts and illustrations. Featuring the artwork of Carol Watkins.





 The World of Coloured Sheep
Edited by Roger S. Lundie and Elspeth J. Wilkinson

This book “is more than just the proceeding book of the Sixth World Congress on Coloured Sheep. There is something in this book for all of you: whether you are starting out in colored sheep or have been raising them for decades,” said Rolly Thompson in her review (BSN issue 122, winter 2005).The Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders' Association of New Zealand published this book at the time of the 2004 World Congress on Coloured Sheep. It is 8 3/8" x 12", 247 pages, with black and white and color photos and is hardbound. To order this book, go to 

 Angora Goats the Northern Way
with Chapters on Cashmere Goats
By Susan Black Drummond

An old friend is back, this fifth edition includes feeder plans and feed mixes, updated treatment options as well as understanding the anual cycle in goat’s lives.

“This is the book you take to the barn.”




The Black Sheep Newsletter Cookbook
Compiled and edited by Sachiye Jones

This cookbook is a collection of recipes from the readers and friends of the Black Sheep Newsletter: sheep farmers, handspinners and wool fanciers-all folks who are interested in sheep, especially the Black Sheep. Lamb recipes from the unusual to the down home are included in this varied collection of ways to prepare lamb-from chops to stews to pungent marinades and other satisfying compliments.





The Black Sheep Newsletter Companion
Writings for the Shepherd and Handspinner

Compiled and edited by Sachiye Jones

This 144-page book is a collection of writings from the first five years of the Newsletter (1974-1979). The Companion is an attractive, quality paperback book filled with interesting stories, informative articles and practical tips collected by the Newsletter from shepherds and handspinners all over the world.

Sheep Note Cards

Artwork by J. C. Gratz

The packets contain eight cards, two each of four breeds. They are black ink drawings on tan art paper. These lovely cards are tri-fold in design and come with golden foil seals and envelopes.

Romney Marsh —— Black Welsh Mountain — Lincoln Longwool —— Karakul——


BSN Tote Bags: Currently we have two bags.

....Port & Company
....12 ounce, 100% cotton, washed denim
.....Cotton web handles
.....Dimensions: 14''h x 14''w x 3''d 

Port Authority
The perfect extra large tote for everyday use
…...600 denier polyester
…...Zippered main compartment
…...Front pocket
…...Interior zippered pocket with key fob
…...Dimensions: 15.75''h x 15.5''w x 7.25''d

BSN Aprons washed denim.



All t-shirts are 100% cotton. They are unisex size and have crew necks. Typically the logos are black, however, the logo on the navy long-sleeved is printed in white and the logo on the maroon, long-sleeved is printed in cream. Not all colors and styles are shown.

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.Angora Goats the Northern Way




.Ruminations of a Grumpy Shepherd




.BSN Companion






.BSN Cookbook






.Aprons washed denim




.Washed Denim Tote (cotton) 14`` x 14`` x 3``.





-Red all purpose tote, 600 denier poly., 15.75``h x 15.5``w x 7.25``




.Sheep Note Cards four breeds, eight cards




. T-shirt - Adult (circle size & color) 100% cotton

..Short-sleeved Steel Blue ------------------------------S-L-XL only

. Ladie's Pink V-Neck ----------------------------------S-L-XL only

. Long-sleeved Maroon---------------------------------S or XXL only

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