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Dear Readers,

The son of the founder of the Black Sheep Newsletter, Sachiye Jones, was recently paralyzed due to an accident. Her sister, Yayoe Kurimatsu, has let me know that Sachiye’s son, Sayer Jones, slipped on the ice and broke his neck while at Timberline Lodge February 4. He’s been paralyzed since that day, his progress has been slow. At this time, he can’t use his arms/hands nor can he walk; he is 48 years old.

Sayer is currently in a rehab facility in Portland. He’s well known in the Portland community. He works in the field of impact investing which means finding opportunities for business and government to invest in low income housing and other projects for greater good. His need to serve people and communities in need earned him recognition.

His wife’s friend put together a Caring Bridge site for him where you can learn current information about Sayer’s status, send a message of support, and if you are able, provide assistance. Under the “Ways to Help” tab, links to Gofundme and mealtrain have been set up to assist the family.

Thank you for your time reading. Peggy

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