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Rates are based on camera ready copy. This means the ad conforms to the size specifications shown and it requires no changes. (The free program, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is required in order to view the size specification page. It can be found at

Arrangements can be made to do graphic design and layout from your sketch, please ask. For best results, describe specifically what you want. Ads requiring design and layout work are due five days earlier than ads which are camera ready, to allow for preparation and proof copy.

Along with ad copy include instructions explaining when you want the ad run, what size your ad is and full payment.
The frequency discount applies when the total amount due is included for the first issue the ad will be run.



1 time

2 times*

4 times*

. .Full Page

$215. . . .

$204. . . .

$194. . . .

. .½ Page

110. . . .

104. . . .

99. . . .

. .1/3 Page

75. . . .

71. . . .

68. . . .

. .1/4 Page

60. . . .

57. . . .

54. . . .

. .Per Column Inch

20. . . .

19. . . .

18. . . .



* per issue rate


                   Issues and Deadlines




Winter Issue

December 15


Spring Issue

March 15


Summer Issue
. .(Annual Directory)

June 15


Fall Issue

September 15


Digital Submissions Preferred but not required

Digital submissions are accepted either via email or on a PC-formatted CD. All ads must be accompanied by a proof made from the file submitted to verify content. This can be hard copy, a JPG file, a scanned image or a screen-optimized PDF file.

Fonts: Please include a list of fonts used; both TTF and Type 1 fonts are acceptable. If we do not have a specific font, you will be asked to send the font file. We use PageMaker 7 on PCs and can open the following file types:

PageMaker 7 (PMD) - see #1 below
Adobe Photoshop 7 or Photoshop Elements 2 (PSD) — see #2 below
CorelDRAW 10 or 11 (CDR) - see #3 below
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 10 or 11 (CPT) - see #4 below
Adobe PDF-press optimized - see #5 below
MS Word 97 (DOC) - see #6 below

1.      Although PageMaker has converters for QuarkXpress and MS Publisher, the results have proven unreliable. Please do not send files in either of these formats.

2.      When sending Photoshop or Elements files: when saving your file, under “save” or “save as” be sure to check the “save layers” box under “save options.”

3.      CorelDRAW can open or import many vector drawn graphic files (WMF, AI, CGM, SVG, PCT, FH and others).

4.      Corel PHOTO-PAINT can open, and convert if needed, most graphic file formats.

5.      Advertisements saved only as PDF files must be optimized for press when distilled. Embed all fonts when creating PDF files.

6.      As it isn’t always easy to align items with the rulers in MS Word, try this: Using the “Drawing” tools, draw a rectangle then select “Format” “AutoShape” and open the “Size” tab. Type in the correct height and width of your finished ad and then click on “OK.” The original rectangle now is the correct size. To design text for the ad, create it in a “Text Box.”

If you have any questions, please email


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