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The Spinnerhostel Directory Form

The Spinnerhostel Directory is a network of homes across the country, like a bed and breakfast, but with a spinner’s slant. The directory is printed in each issue. Small renditions of logos may be included.

The cost for your listing in four issues (one year) is $30 for the first 25 words PLUS 30 cents per additional word. You must count each word including name, address and phone number, etc. (The following count as one word each: your phone number, fax number, email address and web site.) Logos and photos will be billed at $5 per column inch. We will reduce and lay out graphics that do not meet reproduction standards for an additional $10. All charges must be prepaid.

Note: To print only the form and none of the text above, highlight or select the form (from the words “TOP OF FORM” to the words “BOTTOM OF FORM”) and when printing, print just the selection, not all the pages.

-------------------- TOP OF FORM --------------------

Farm or Ranch Name:

Personal Name:


Phone/fax Number:

Email address:


Additional Information:

Words per line

First 25 Words =


Additional Words x 30 =

Logo or Photo, column inches x $5 =

Camera Work


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-------------------- BOTTOM OF FORM --------------------

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